Report contributed by Noah Wild

There was a time when a fete was all a village needed. Only a small section stalls, one selling flowers, one with books and DVDs, a refreshment tent and a selection of games. Now there has to be ‘fests’. To me, there is no difference in a calling the event a Fete rather than a festival. Why a fete needs a dog show and reptiles is beyond me, Shutford is definitely upping their game where fetes are concerned.

For Hook Norton Brass Band a day’s worth of playing started at 1pm, as did the rest of the ‘festival’. Welcomed into the event by a cheery presence to the day, a man well versed in the realms of public speaking and opening with the first march of the day, Slaidburn. Placing dogs next to a brass band isn’t really a good idea. Whilst playing slow, peaceful melody it is calming to hear the sounds of dogs barking nearby.

Playing two 45 minutes sets, consisting of less music than intended, with a break inbetween them, (the break made longer by a dance from a group of children from all ages). A variety of pieces slotted in, from The Cossack to the slow Ashokan Farewell and from Ticket to Ride to the Floral Dance (all music chosen by the ‘maestro’ as he was called). The warming tones of Hook Norton Brass Band entertained the visitors to the Shutford Festival by sure.

Shutford Summer Festival 2016